72Ge in the form of Germanium Tetrafluoride Gas for Semiconductor Manufacture

Enriched Germanium Tetrafluoride gas is a novel silicon wafer dopant for the production of highly integrated, high-density microchips. 72GeF4 provides for greater efficiency and increased production throughput, and helps to make chips smaller and better


Physical Properties:

Material 72Ge in form of Germanium Tetrafluoride Electronic Grade
Enrichment 72Ge  50 – 53 at%

72Ge 55 – 58 at%

Chemical Properties:

Form GeF4
Purity > 99,9 wt%

Impurities in vppm

Ar < 25
CO2 < 25
HF < 25
N2 < 25
SiF4 < 500
SO2 < 25

* Our gas is fully compatible with VLIS-requirements.

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